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eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager software to manage large collections of ebooks.  eKitaab allows you to read books in their native readers on the desktop, or on mobile devices, though it is not a ebook reader.

eKitaab displays a list of all books you have, with their titles, authors, description and a photo of the book covers. It also allows you to easily categorize the books by creating Reading Lists, and adding Tags. eKitaab downloads all information from the Internet, based on the ISBN of the book, or by searching by author or title.

eKitaab is designed to be extremely safe for the eBooks... the eBooks themselves are never changed. eKitaab stores basic information about the book by changing the filename to include the title, author and ISBN. The other information is downloaded from the Internet and not stored locally (but caching is implemented, to reduce repeated downloads).

This has a lot of benefits for future usage:

Also when you "check out" a file from eKitaab, it gives you an option to rename the file in more user-readable format, for use on mobile devices or another computer. This can be used for mass-export as well.


Browse and read your entire ebook collection by



All details including Title, Author, ISBN, Descriptions and Cover Details are automatically populated from searches from Amazon. You can also enter the Title, Author and ISBN manually if you know them.


You can launch books from within eKitaab to read them in their default viewer.


These formats are currently recognised for loading into the manager:

Extension File Type
TXT Text
PRC Mobipocket
DOC Mobipocket or Word
PDF Adobe Acrobat
RGO Repligo
RTF Rich Text
LIT Microsoft Reader
CHM Microsoft Compressed HTML
DJVU DjVu Format
* Pls add a request in the support forum in case any format is not mentioned here. Since eKitaab does not actually modify /read the eBooks, adding support implies simply allowing specific filetypes to be displayed in eKitaab.

News / Changelog

26 July 2007 - Version 0.6 Stable
0.6 final release.
New Features
  • Added support for CHM and DjVu formats
  • None
Bug Fixes
  • None


29 June 2007 - Version 0.6 RC2 released
Minor changes and fixes towards 0.6 final release.
New Features
  • None
  • Optimised the tagging code, now the authors pane does not refresh every time you add or remove a tag or reading list.
  • Fix for slow loading of the bottom pane; this was due to the image downloading from Amazon. Now the image is loaded in a thread, so browsing through the items in online mode is significantly more responsive.
  • Changed default fonts in the bottom pane.
  • Added ClearLooks theme by default.
  • Cleaned up About box.
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes
17 June 2007 - Version 0.6 RC1 released
There are significant changes in this release, and it is feature complete for 0.6 i.e. all features have been implemented, but not fully tested. Please post any issues / bugs on the support forum. 0.6 Final release is targeted for release in 2 weeks.
New Features
  • Added support for Reading Lists
  • Added support for adding custom Tags (Metadata)
  • New Right-click options
  • Significant changes in the UI , Author has been added as a List on the left.
  • Added 'Browse' button for selecting directories in the Preferences and Checkout windows.
  • Removed buttons for Opening and Checkout. This is covered right-click now.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed search issues. Now search is more accurate and works for all fields.
25 May 2007 - Version 0.5.5 released
New Features
  • Added text search feature for all fields
  • Opening ebooks for reading in the default viewer based on OS settings
  • Automatically check for new version
  • Upgraded to minimum requirement of Java 1.6. This is because the search feature and opening file in default application feature is supported only in Java 1.6.
Bug Fixes
  • None
29 April 2007 - Version 0.5.4 released
New Features
  • Added Authors filter
  • Added "checkout" feature
  • Added split-pane in the main window
  • Downgraded project build settings so this can be run with Java 1.4 as well, instead of 1.5 and above
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where files from the root folder would not load, only sub folders would load
  • Fixed correct build to see the proxy and about box changes
  • Other misc. bug fixes
24 April 2007 - Version 0.5 released
New Features
  • Added proxy support
  • Added panel for preferences, moved root folder setting into Preference dialog
  • Added About box
15 April 2007 - Version 0.4 released
New Features
  • Initial Release


Screenshots / Help

Browsing through Books

Here you can see a list of all ebooks in Browse mode. The table above shows the list of books and basic information like Title and Authors.

Clicking on a book row will show the details like Description and book cover in the bottom pane.


The information in the bottom pane is downloaded when the book name is clicked. If you do not want to download any information temporarily (e.g. while building the database of existing books), you can click the Offline Mode.

Installation / Setup

Download the latest version of eKitaab. If you downloaded the version with source code, you will find the eBookManager.jar file in 'dist' folder.


If you are a Linux user, open a terminal, cd to the dist directory, and type 'java - jar eBookManager.jar'  to start the application.

If you are a Windows user, double-click on eBookManager.jar to start the application.

When you start the application, you would be prompted for the "Root Folder". Please type in (or copy-paste) the Root directory of your ebooks. (EKitaab prefers if all your books are stored under 1 folder, organized by sub-folders as you prefer. This is called the root folder by eKitaab.)

Tagging Books Automatically.. example


To Do

eKitaab is under development and not yet feature complete. Features that have been requested and are to be implemented:



Download the latest version of eKitaab. If you downloaded the version with source code, you will find the eBookManager.jar file in 'dist' folder. You fill find the latest version here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=194550


eKitaab should run on all modern platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris. It is tested on Windows and Linux.

You need

You need minimum Java SE 6.0 to run eKitaab. Get it here

For Mac, get Java from here.



Released under GNU Public License


Copyright © Balaji Srinivasan 2007


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